About Us

About Number Ninjas Accounting, LLC

Accounting firms​ are evolving, and Number Ninjas is a part of that evolution. We are not a public accounting firm; we’re an outsourced accounting company that specializes in accounting solutions for legalized cannabis-related companies in the United States. Accounting is our passion, and much like Google Maps on your smartphone, we would be lost without this calling. With several years of experience in the evolving accounting field, we piece together the right tech-stack for each client to create a unique solution that matches their needs.

Letter from the Owner: 


I’m Nelson Shendow, the proud owner of Number Ninjas Accounting, LLC.


I look forward to sharing my story. I hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.


My father retired from the Air Force in 1982 and opened a gym, as he liked to lift weights and wanted to coach people to hit peak performance. He later added tanning beds and rented space to conduct Taekwondo lessons, while my mother taught gymnastics to girls and young women.


My parents were ALWAYS at work, as we lived above the gym, so our home became the business, and the business became our home. Subsequently, over the years, I witnessed my parents meticulously care for their customers.


My father knew each person’s name that walked through the door, including what they drove and what they were likely to purchase. He also noticed when a regular stopped coming and genuinely wanted to know why.


However, after I moved out of my childhood home and joined the army, I learned things were not going so smoothly at the gym. It slowly started to fall apart due to several accounting oversights, including poorly kept books and decisions made with little to no information.


Therefore, after leaving the army, I became interested in accounting. My cause was empowering small businesses as I believed in their core values, which deferred from the cookie-cutter approach of large chains.


As I lacked financial acumen at the time, I decided to join an outsourced accounting firm, and I enjoyed the work as it gave me experience across multiple sectors.


After a few years, I identified a lack of coverage for the cannabis industry (wherever it was becoming legal in the United States). While I did not grow, manufacture, or sell cannabis and wouldn’t want to, I appreciated the good it was doing for those that used it recreationally or for medical purposes.


It inspired me to create a niche firm that combined my accounting skill, my focus on cannabis, and my passion to champion the cause of small businesses. Therefore, I quit my day job as a Jack-of-all-trades accountant to launch my enterprise in 2019.


Over the past year, I’ve noticed that COVID-19 has made it more challenging to grow, and I struggled to meet all of my marketing outreach goals in 2020. As a result, I’ve realigned my objectives and expect 2021 to be the turning point.


My philosophy is to deliver exceptional results and focus on long-term relationships, as I believe my clients’ success is my success. Therefore, I refer to myself as part of my client’s team, and while I set the terms, they are the boss.


Consequently, I work with integrity, and as an individual, I feel what sets me apart from the others is my honest communication. I’m not afraid to have tough conversations and even brainstorm nightmare scenarios to ensure that they don’t become a reality.


While accounting is often perceived as a monotonous job and unfulfilling, I make it fun by teaching clients to interpret the numbers more easily. It creates mutual respect, where we value each other’s time.


I also attribute my small wins to taking ownership of mistakes and being open to constructive feedback. Accepting adverse changes and innovating when the solution is not present also fills me with immense satisfaction.


When I’m not analyzing financial statements, I love the freedom of longboarding on an open trail with music in my ears and the wind on my face. I just took it up last year, and I’m still a novice, but I’ve found that the focus I maintain on keeping myself on the board allows me to forget my real-life problems.


I also enjoy playing Call of Duty when the weather doesn’t allow for a longboard journey. The effects are similar but don’t include the meditative state of a nice trail ride.


I’ve recently taken up wood-working projects and have built some quality shelving, functional accessories, and wall art that gives me an accomplished feeling every time I see it.


I have enjoyed sharing my story about the things which matter to me and how they influence the way I do business.


If you or someone you know could benefit from my expertise as an accountant and bookkeeper in Olympia, WA, I invite you to get in touch.