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Number Ninjas Accounting, LLC specializes in Accounting Solutions for legalized cannabis-related companies in the United States.

We offer: Bookkeeping | Enhanced Reporting | Outsourced CFO | Add-On Services

We serve across Everett, Seattle, Kent, Tacoma, Olympia, Longview, Vancouver, Washington, Portland, Salem, and Eugene, Oregon.

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If you’re running a business, there are two things that you have to keep track of above all else, your time and your money. With our financial expertise, we offer a variety of services to help your business make the most of both

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About Us

Accounting firms​ are evolving, Number Ninjas is a part of that evolution. We are not a public accounting firm, we're an outsourced accounting company that specializes in accounting solutions for legalized cannabis related companies in the United States. Accounting is our passion, much like Google Maps on your smartphone, we would be lost without this calling. With several years of experience in the evolving accounting field, we piece together the right tech-stack for each client to create a unique solution to access their current metrics. ... Read More

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