About Number Ninjas Accounting, LLC

Remote Accountants & Bookkeepers

Accounting firms‚Äč are evolving, Number Ninjas is a part of that evolution. We are not a public accounting firm, we're an outsourced accounting company that specializes in accounting solutions for legalized cannabis-related companies in the United States. Accounting is our passion, much like Google Maps on your smartphone, we would be lost without this calling. With several years of experience in the evolving accounting field, we piece together the right tech-stack for each client to create a unique solution to access their current metrics. 

Who We Are Not

‚ÄčThe cliché accountant is stuffy, dull, dry, and stuck in the past. We are counting beans, crunching numbers, and tragically inflexible to change or suggestion. We look like the straight and narrow, and we act in kind.

Fuck. That.

People who enjoy "things" can be accountants, too.

About Number Ninjas Accounting, LLC

Our Team

Nelson J. Shendow

Director of Everything

nelson@number-ninjas.com | Phone: (435) 261-2606

This section is under construction - Nelson is awesome, believe me (inflating my own tires here). Here are a few highlights:

  • US Army Veteran
  • Experienced Accountant
  • Legalization advocate
  • Casually Professional
  • Punologist / Dad Joke Master